If you thought leggings were a no-go zone, think again. The trend is here to stay and is louder, bolder and funkier than ever. We are proud to launch Ali August, a leading brand in yoga, fitness and lifestyle leggings. We love the fabric (made in Brazil) its durable, soft, and the nature inspired prints are bang on this season’s trend. Easy to wear and transition through the day is a must have this season. 

Every woman is totally unique and is walking her own road, adding her own footprint to our world and we feel we fit in with that mould. The Ali August mission has been simple from the beginning and has been our core mission throughout: to create high quality activewear with the best materials available that appeals to the strong, unique and confident woman at a fair price.

The Ali August range is designed to mould to one’s body allowing seamless transition from studio wear to street wear.  The range doesn’t allow for unflattering low rises, constricting waistbands or thick seams which have the tendency to snag. The fabric is lightweight and breathable whist comfortably hugging each curve making you feel fabulous and ultra-confident.

Whether you're hitting the gym, going to yoga or pilates, or simply running around doing errands - you will find it all here!

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