Going back to school after the long December school holidays is usually a very exciting time for children. For many, it will be the first time they’re seeing their friends in a long time and it’s a time to rekindle old friendships and make new ones.

It’s also the start of a new academic school year that comes with new responsibilities and also the chance to try out for a team sport.

Commander HQ, the online sports gear and clothing membership club, caught up with Managing Director and Founder of the Cricket School of Excellence, Ryan Maron, to find out just why team sports are so beneficial for your kids.

  • Kids learn how to work together with other kids from different backgrounds to achieve a common goal and to win with pride and modesty or lose with dignity.
  • The social element is massive and it offers kids the opportunity to make friends. Its gives kids the feeling of self-worth and involvement.
  • Kids relate being active to having fun, which is great for keeping them fit and healthy. If something isn’t fun, there is a bigger chance they won’t want to keep it up.
  • Participating in team sports teaches kids how to overcome the disappointment of failure as a group. Team members learn the importance of supporting fellow team members when they’re having an off-day and they also know they never have to face any challenges alone. A loss for one is a loss for all.
  • Team uniformity plays a vital role in unifying a team and also providing a sense of belonging and involvement. A sense of pride should also be instilled in a uniform. While sporting apparel and gear is very expensive nowadays it means it’s not accessible for many players, especially families who have less disposable income. But some form of uniform even if it’s all white shirts and black shorts, is highly recommended.

With kids back at school and teams being chosen for this year’s season, it’s the best time to sign your child up for cricket or netball. Commander HQ provides sports clothing and gear at member-only discounted prices making it accessible to all. To find out more about the Cricket School of Excellence please go to or to search for your child’s sports goods online go to

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