The days are long, the weather balmy and the sunsets sultry. It’s summer in South Africa and this February it’s also the month of love, which is why we’re focusing on loving you! 

My fabulous team and I have put together the most swoon-worthy, quintessential list of latest gear to celebrate our gorgeous Commander HQ members. We want you to wear the gear you love while getting the body you want. 

Cheeky Bum thong

First and foremost, I don’t go anywhere unless I am wearing quality underwear that makes me feel sexy and good about my body, which is why I just love the Cheeky Bum Low rise thong. It’s not only perfect for everyday wear but you can wear it comfortably whilst exercising. I’ll be wearing my Ruby Rose colour this V-day!

Crossback swimsuit

My weekly workout comprises of a good swimming workout at my gym, or school pool. Nothing motivates me to get into the water more than great swimming gear, and a good quality swimsuit that fits well. I love my Speedo Samba Love Crossback swimsuit – not only is the design colourful and fun but the cross back straps give it a firm fit. For guys, I recommend the Speedo Turbo Motions briefs perfect for a few dozen lengths to kick start your day.

Comfy t-shirt

Weekends are family time. We enjoy hiking, cycling or simply going for a walk on our favourite beach. My trusty weekend t-shirt is the Columbia Passage Escape short sleeve tee  it’s as functional as it is comfy and I get to look great in one of my favourite brands.

Sklz Trainer ball
Whilst I’m usually pretty motivated at the gym, sometimes I need some guidance when it comes to my strength training. That’s why I love my Sklz Trainer ball – it has 16 essential exercises on the ball to build muscle strength and elasticity, and it’s helping me get the body I want this summer!
Men’s running shoes
Whilst I’m more of a swimmer than a runner, according to my hubby, the Mizuno Men’s Wave Hyate trail shoes are a definite winner. They are funky and perfect for trail running, and also great for a walk down the road to get your daily flat white at Vida!
Kid’s tennis racket
Let’s face it: an active child is far happier than a child glued to a screen. So my must-have hot product for summer is sports gear for my kids. Tennis keeps them active and engaged in the activity, which is why I love the Nitro Junior Tennis racket perfect for little people with small hands.

Kid’s swimsuits
Get your kids in the pool in swimsuits they love and that will last the whole season without fading! I love the girls Speedo Beenbay Splashback Swimsuit and the boys colourful, crocodile-themed 'Congobongo' suntop
Workout tights for him and her
There’s nothing like working out in clothing that is not only flattering, but works hard too. The men and women Skins Dynamic tights maximize's muscle efficiency and reduces post activity soreness and can be worn during and after a workout. I just love the quality fabric and can’t wait for the upcoming funky colouring coming this season on Commander HQ!

Like us, we hope that this month of love, you love the most important person – you!  


Get the perfect sports gear, clothing and shoes at member-only prices of up to 50% off with Commander HQ, and it won’t only be your body you love, but all the savings you’ve made!