Find out how to stay fit, beat the stress and unwind this holiday. Get motivated, stay lean and toned with “Inspiring Summer Workouts” from our resident fitness and yogi expert Sam Smith. She shares her top summer activities to help boost body and mind wellness wherever you are.  

Here is what Sam has to say:

Summer is well on its way and I’m sure most of you are looking forward to some fun in the sun! With only a few weeks to go before the holiday season, I am sure that you are feeling the extra pressure of work, stress and time speeding up. You’re probably wondering how you are going to get in shape and stay fit throughout the festivities awaiting you! Don’t despair!

Here are some fun outdoor workout ideas to inspire you to get off the couch and into nature. They will not only ease your stress but will also ensure you stay happy and healthy throughout the festive season: 

Trail Running: 

Trail running is a great way to stay fit and de-stress while on holiday. Escape into the tranquility of nature while building your running fitness. We arextremely fortunate to be surrounded by so many magnificent choices of trails. The 5 most popular trail runs in and around Cape Town are The Pipe Track, Constantia Green Belt, Platteklip Gorge, Jonkershoek and Helderberg Nature Reserve.  

Trail running improves your cardiovascular endurance and strengthens your quads, glutes, calves and core. It improves your balance and proprioception (your body’s ability to know where it is in space). It is easier on your joints than road running and also burns 10% more calories. 
Running on trails shuts you off from the chaos of the outside world and helps you find inner peace and tranquility. Because it requires intense focus, it helps you be present and connected to yourself and the nature surrounding you.  
Choose a pair of high quality and comfy Columbia trail shoes to protect your ankles and bounce off the couch and onto the mountain! You will not only get leaner, stronger and more toned but you will also feel exhilarated, energized and full of joy!


SUP- Stand Up Paddleboarding: 

SUP is becoming incredibly popular! It is easy to learn and a great way to stay in shape while doing something fun! You can SUP on any body of water including seas, lakes, rivers and canals. There are many places in and around Cape Town that give lessons and rent boards but having your own is far more convenient. Mistral inflatable SUP’s are travel friendly, light and easy to store and a perfect Christmas present idea! 
SUP improves your balance and is an all body workout. Your leg muscles get a full workout while trying hard to stabilize your center of gravity and your arms, back and shoulders are used to propel the paddleboard forward. Your core, back and abdominal muscles are working constantly to maintain your balance.  This is an overall strength training workout that is low impact and easy on your joints and ligaments. You can burn 400 calories an hour without even realizing it! 


SUP also helps you to “get into the zone”. The gentle effect of the water soothes your mind and the repetitive action of paddling is incredibly calming. The sound of the ocean helps you to connect to your breath and be present. The intense focus required to stabilize the board, helps you to be fully in the moment and all your worries melt away. 

So explore water and your mind by giving this wonderful sport a try. Get closer to nature and find inner peace, strength and freedom of thought while shaping up for summer! 



Whether you use the ocean, your pool at home, local gym or public pool, swimming is easily accessible and most of us can do it! Swimming builds cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength and flexibility and is a low impact workout that can be done throughout your life. It tones the entire body and if done vigorously, can burn 715 calories in an hour (more than running!) 

Swimming not only engages the legs, but also recruits the upper body and core especially the lats, the muscles of the middle back and triceps. It helps improve posture and prevents back injuries. Swimming increases your lung capacity and helps you to learn proper breathing techniques, which is amazing for asthma! 

Swimming is relaxing and the rhythmic strokes underwater help you to feel somewhat disconnected from the chaos of the outside world. The drowned out noise and being fully focused on your strokes, brings you into the moment, completely present and connected to yourself. 

So boost your mood, get wet and slip on one of our sexy Speedo cozzies. You will feel exhilarated when those endorphins kick in! 



Find your enthusiasm for some healthy competitive fun and buy a Wilson tennis racquet to take along on holiday! 

Tennis is a great way to exercise and socialize at the same time during the festive season. Whether you include friends, family or even the kids, there is fun in it for everyone and a bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone! There are many tennis courts around and most holiday resorts have access to one. Tennis helps rid the body of stress and fatigue and improves your balance, speed and accuracy. 

Playing tennis lowers your blood pressure, body fat and resting heart rate and improves your metabolic function, muscle tone, strength and flexibility. It increases your bone density, aerobic capacity and reaction time. You can burn up to 550 calories an hour playing singles and 340 calories playing doubles. 

Tennis is a social game and helps build your sense of community. You learn to understand your own weaknesses and strengths as well as those in others. This helps you to grow spiritually and builds your tolerance and compassion.

Tennis is a great sport to learn humility and perseverance.  


Outdoor Yoga: 

Packing a yoga mat and a couple of yoga leggings in gorgeous prints and UV protective fabrics takes up little space in your holiday luggage and is a great way to keep toned, flexible and healthy throughout the festive season. You can practice anywhere and anytime and even use a towel on the beach to stretch your troubles away! 

Yoga is a complete holistic workout of the mind, body and spirit. You literally cleanse yourself from the inside out with regular practice. It is a low impact workout that strengthens every muscle, ligament and joint of the body. It improves overall flexibility and strength. Yoga is dynamic and challenging without being competitive. It helps to balance your metabolism and reduce your weight. Yoga improves your breathing, energy and vitality and cardiovascular health.  

The reality of this time of the year is that you are most likely much more stressed than usual. Yoga is possibly one of the best ways to help reduce stress, anxiety and sleeplessness and get in shape at the same time.  By getting in touch with your breath, you will literally learn to breathe through all the craziness, be less reactive and have more tolerance for others. Yoga cultivates compassion for oneself and others and makes you appreciate each and every moment of your life.  

So whether you stretch out on your mat in the garden or somewhere out in nature, you will gain many benefits from this practice and most of all get to know yourself a little better.  

Ali August

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