The road to the 466/64 Legacy Range

The 466/64 team were given the opportunity to spend time at the Nelson Mandela Foundation's Centre of Memory. The time spent at the Centre had a powerful impact upon the team and while moving through the journey of Madiba's life, the importance of sharing his legacy, especially with the youth of South Africa, became clear. The sacrifices that Nelson Mandela was prepared to endure was done unselfishly for the future generations of this beloved country.

The 466/64 team have developed a marketing strategy and the Legacy Range designed around the youth, The range takes on a street urban feel that will speak to the youth of South Africa. The brands message moves to a true call of action with the introduction of a new pay off line 466/64 ... "Be the legacy" and speaks back to the message of Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory "Living the Memory". The call is to take Nelson Mandela's legacy - incorporate it into your life - and make a difference.