Fitness Trend Influencer and Wellness Activist, Lisa Raleigh shares her 9 top tips on losing weight and keeping fit and trim.

1. Get some sleep!
Enough sleep can help regulate your weight. Inadequate sleep increases cortisol levels and increases ghrelin – the peptide that stimulates hunger. It also reduces leptin, a hormone that signals fullness. This leaves you storing fat and feeling hungry.
2. Give spot training the boot
Working one area won’t eliminate fat from it, and overdeveloping one’s muscles will create a body imbalance. Your workout should have a cardio, strength and flexibility component; only then should you target specific areas.
3. Dry brushing is your secret weapon against cellulite
Using a firm, horsehair brush, work from your feet up, sweeping over the body with firm strokes. Always move in the direction of your heart and go easy on sensitive areas like your neck and chest. It helps shed dead skin cells, improves skin texture and promotes cell renewal. It also increases your circulation and helps with the lymphatic drainage of the entire body.
4. Hit the trampoline!
Rebounding is an amazing way to boost your energy levels, get your heart pumping and burn calories – whilst sparing your joints any hard impact.
5. Shake up a steady-state cardio routine with interval training
Bursts of 1-minute sprints followed by 3-minute recoveries help you burn fat rather than carbohydrates – your precious energy supplies. These varied and explosive movements stimulate your body’s repair cycle effectively for higher calorie burns and improved fitness. 
6. Cleanse your body
Eliminate these foods from your diet for 10 days: wheat, dairy, meat, processed foods, sugar, salt, caffeine and alcohol. You will cleanse your body of toxins, stimulate your digestion and improve energy levels.
7. Have a goal in mind
If you are dragging your feet when it comes to working out, visual motivation will get you going. Keep photos of you at your fittest in your office, picture fitting into your dream swimsuit in time for summer, or look for pictures that match realistic goals of your ultimate body.
8. Keep it interesting
The same routine delivers the same results. You need to vary your programme often in order to challenge your body and prevent boredom. This is also necessary to stave off weight loss plateaus.
9. Push the weights
Strength training is critical for long-term toning and health benefits. Compound movements in particular are responsible for greater calorie burns during sessions. It also helps with the increasing of lean muscle tissue at a greater rate, meaning a faster metabolism overall.

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