Women tend to be overcritical with themselves. Whether it's a fixation on a physical flaw, an obsession with calorie-counting or general anxiety about ones appearance it can take a toll on your well-being and self-esteem. There are endless reasons why and where low self-esteem and negative body image begins, but only one place where it can end. Yourself.  

Yoga, which is now being offered in some schools as a stress-relieving practice, can be an effective way of nurturing a positive self-image, silencing the inner-critic and igniting a self-love affair.  

Samantha Smuts is a life coach and yoga instructor who specialises in health, wellness and nutrition. She is passionate about connecting with others while guiding them to grow, transform and evolve into their “uniqueness and wholeness”.

Creative expression and balancing a healthy body, mind and spirit are her goals. Samantha is also Commander HQ trusted resident expert, model and actress and offers 5 ways yoga can help you live your best deserving life.


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Love yourself through yoga!

Most of us girls do not love ourselves enough or cherish our bodies and minds. Yoga practice helps us to get to know ourselves better and appreciate our uniqueness! Worrying about our bodies, weight and lack of achievements wastes precious time and energy. Learn to love how you look, what you do have and feel energized, inspired and happy. Fall in love with yourself again!

Here are 5 reasons why practicing yoga helps you regain self-love, confidence and a healthy attitude to life!

1 - Take Responsibility

There is nothing more empowering than taking full responsibility for your life! When you realize you are in control of your life and you create your own reality, it helps you to stop feeling like a victim and helps you to start feeling more powerful. You stop blaming and start creating! Practicing yoga helps you to go within and find out how you tick. This helps you move from a place of reactivity when triggered, to a place of more proactive decisions and choices. You move from feeling helpless and hopeless to becoming fully present, connected and empowered.
Affirmation: I take full responsibility for my life and I create my reality!

2 - Positive Self Image

Yoga literally transforms our bodies and minds. The postures help create healthy muscle balance throughout the body and the “yoga butt” is a serious plus! It won’t take long before you will want to be sporting a few pairs of gorgeous and incredibly sexy yoga leggings! Stop the repetitive negative thoughts that wreak havoc with your self- image. Start your day with positive thoughts about yourself. When you look in the mirror, focus on your positive qualities and stop yourself honing in on all the negatives. Practice positive self talk!  
Affirmation: I am unique, intelligent and beautiful!  

3 - Intuitive Living

Our lives are so chaotic and busy and we rarely slow down to breathe and be still. Yoga helps us to get out of our “monkey minds” and enter a more intuitive state of being. We learn to literally trust our gut and live more authentically and be more in touch with what feels right as opposed to what we “think” is right. Most of what we think is actually inaccurate! (Our thoughts are our private opinions, prejudices and reactions based on limited knowledge influenced from our past conditioning.) So stop overthinking everything and start feeling your way through life!
Affirmation: I trust my body, awareness, feeling and intuition and allow these to guide me.

 4 - Self Focus

We can so easily fall into the trap of trying to help others and focus on what they need to do to improve their lives. Yoga teaches us to work on and transform ourselves before trying to change everyone else. Practicing yoga regularly adds a glow to your skin, a bounce to your step and an air of confidence and serenity to your being that naturally draws people to you. You become the change and transformation and those around you will naturally be influenced.
Affirmation: My focus is on my own transformation and growth.

5 - Daily Intention Setting

Intention setting at the beginning of a yoga class is a common yoga practice. This helps bring focus throughout the class and helps you get in touch with what is important and of value to you. Start your day off with a few minutes intention setting to add meaning to your daily activities. One of my favorite intentions to set is to simply be grateful for all that I do have. When we practice gratefulness, all negativity melts away.
Affirmation: I set daily intentions to add meaning, value and focus to my life.

By practicing yoga and these tools, life becomes so much more authentic and real. You no longer waste energy looking back or fast- forwarding to what could or should be. Yoga helps you to live far more in the present, fully focused on what can be achieved, created and done now. Regular practice instills confidence and overall health and well-being.

So come on girls, feel inspired!! Be positive and take responsibility for your health by springing into action and daring to love yourself again through yoga!

Sam has a degree in Psychology and Communication. She is an internationally qualified classical ballet teacher (ISTD Cecchetti), Pilates teacher, personal trainer (ETA) and nutritional consultant (Global College of Natural Medicine). She completed her Power Vinyasa Yoga teacher training in June 2013 through Yoga Alliance.

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So come on girls, feel inspired!!

Be positive and take responsibility for your health!

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