Commander HQ is very proud to offer our members the opinions and services of highly qualified resident experts, contributors and Brand Ambassadors.  

In this month’s Members Choice feature, we are thrilled to introduce you to Bev Slauck.

Bev, began her adventure with Commandeer HQ as a valued Club Member and has since joined the team as a valued in-house yoga expert and Brand Ambassador.  Her joie de vivre, passion for life and high energy is positively infectious. Bev has put her pharmaceutical days behind her and now tackles her love of yoga, an exciting new studio and sporty family with enviable gusto.  

We chatted to Bev about her latest purchases and the benefits of yoga especially for kids and young adults.  



Ali August Dale Mesh leggings

I am already a fan of the Ali August leggings and these look so amazing with the mesh detail. Whether I am teaching or practicing yoga I need to be comfortable and confident in what I am wearing and I love this range! 

Ali August Paint by numbers bra

Bikram yoga is practiced in a room heated to 40 degrees Celsius and 60% humidity. You really don't want to wear anything that is too hot and this crop top is perfect. Comfy, supportive and pretty enough to wear with a matching pair of leggings.  

Wilson’s ladies tennis shoes

Being active has always been a part of my lifestyle for as long as I can remember. Besides teaching yoga my other love is tennis. My husband and children also play and it's a great way for us to be active and outdoors together. 

Columbia down vest

An absolute must for the Cape Town winters when you still want to get outdoors for a walk and great to throw on after a yoga class before venturing into the cold.

SKLZ Travel Barrel roller 

Exercise and rolling go hand in hand to release the fascia, the connective tissues around our muscles. Foam rolling or barrel rolling is a 
fantastic way to keep that fascia ‘pliable’, helping to relieve muscle tension, improve blood flow to the muscles, and release trigger points to relieve pain before or after a workout. A fabulous item to add to my “box of tricks”. 

For the love of yoga 
I grew up loving dancing and practicing yoga in my grandmothers classes. She had a fantastic knowledge of the body and health, without the help from ‘google’ and the internet. She instilled that same interest in me and I qualified as a pharmacist and reflexologist after school. Last year I chose to extend that knowledge, and progress from teaching people about medicine and how to use it correctly and appropriately, to teaching yoga. It came very naturally to me, and having studied anatomy for pharmacy and reflexology was a great advantage. I had no idea it would be so rewarding and fulfilling, and I am so thankful I made the decision. My husband is extremely supportive as a lot of people can only fit classes in early mornings or after work, and my children are fascinated with mom’s enthusiasm for her new found job. They cannot quite grasp the fact that work is fun.  
Benefits of yoga and meditation for kids and young adults 
I am hoping to bring yoga to schools in the area as I really feel that kids and young adults today are under a lot of pressure academically and due to social media. ‘Switching off ‘by practicing yoga and learning meditation is extremely beneficial and they respond quicker to the benefits as they are often more receptive and open to it than a lot of adults. Balanced with a healthy lifestyle and sport, yoga is a wonderful way to learn how to handle day to day pressures, and how not to ‘sweat the small stuff’. 
To anyone who is considering starting yoga, my advice is this;  

  • The first step is always the most difficult, but necessary, to trying something new.
  • Approach yoga with an open mind, and prepare to leave your first class with a new found awe and appreciation of your body and breath.
  • Choose a studio that is close and convenient so it’s easier to commit to regular practice.
  • Find a teacher you resonate with, and savour each yoga experience as you discover more about yourself. 

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions”. 

 Why Commander HQ?  
Commander HQ offers fantastic prices on a wide range of items. The online store is easy to use and navigate, and delivery is prompt and efficient. I am always on the lookout for great quality attire for sports and yoga without having to pay a fortune. I love all the information in their posts on Facebook and Commander HQ has quickly become one of my favourites to check in with every day. Their posts are up to date and relative to what is going on. It is fantastic to read about other people's healthy lifestyles and to be inspired by them. 

Bev's Life quote 
My favourite quote is “do something you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”.   


Bev yoga

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