Here are the best Mizuno Running Shoes and how to choose between them.
“Never settle” - that is Mizuno’s motto.
It sums up Mizuno’s approach to running shoes. They constantly seek to improve the technologies in their shoes in an effort to produce an even better experience for runners.
As a result, it can get a little confusing when trying to choose what Mizuno shoe is for you. In the past 3-4 years Mizuno has both launched and retired a bunch of shoes so I think it’s time to dive into their lineup for some clarity.
Mizuno Wave Plate
Mizuno’s signature technology is the Wave plate. It is a plastic plate that runs through the midsole of their shoes. The Wave plate is most visible in the heel portion of Mizuno shoes, where it is shaped like the waves of the ocean.
The idea is that the Wave plate will absorb impact and disperse it throughout the length of the plate, like a shock absorber.
Another feature of the Wave plate is its inherent stability. Think of a strip of cardboard. Cardboard bends and folds very easily in one direction, but is very difficult to twist side-to-side. The Wave plate is the exact same way. As a result, even their neutral shoes will have some inherent stability, usually much more than comparable shoes from other makers.
Almost all Mizuno running shoes will have some type of Wave plate. The length and shape of the plate might differ. Sometimes a shoe might feature a double Wave plate. But if you see a Wave plate, then you know you’re looking at a Mizuno running shoe.
EVA foam
Every running shoe maker that uses EVA foam to create the midsole of their running shoes will use a specific formula in order to produce a feel that is specific to them. Mizuno shoes are characterized by a responsive feel. That means Mizuno shoes tend to be on the firmer side. You’ll feel like your feet are landing on the ground, not the clouds.
While that might not sound like the most comfortable experience in the world, the tradeoff is a more responsive ride. It’s like running on a sandy beach: the landing is soft, but it feels like you have to work harder to keep your legs moving. Mizuno wants you to feel like you are landing on firm ground, not sinking into the sand.
Mizuno Running Shoes Lineup
Despite shaking up their running shoe lineup quite often, Mizuno is quite traditional in the way they divide their range: Neutral, Support, Racing and Trail.
As mentioned, most Mizuno running shoes will have a signature responsive feeling to them which encourages faster running.
Let’s see the shoes in each category:
Mizuno Neutral Running Shoes
Mizuno Wave Sayonara 4  - The Wave Sayonara 4 represents the top-line lightweight neutral trainer for Mizuno. It has been listed as racer in the past, but has since been changed to a trainer. It is meant mostly for speed work, but has the engineered sole that can support long distances on a regular basis.
Mizuno Wave Rider 19 - The Wave Rider is Mizuno's go-to Neutral shoe. With a very traditional 12mm drop it keeps under 10 ounces of weight. It is a great daily trainer for runners of all levels for every kind of mileage. Wave technology in the heel makes, will accommodate heel strikers more than mid and forefoot ones.
Mizuno Wave Creation 18 - The Creation is a take-down, more affordable version of the flagship Prophecy. Offering Infinity Wave in the heel it is better suited for heavier runners looking for a responsive shoe with plenty of heel cushioning. Heavier runners will benefit from the added stability and probably won't mind the added weight.
Mizuno Support Running Shoes
Mizuno trimmed the support lineup in the past few years.
Mizuno Wave Inspire 12 - The Wave Inspire 12 is to support what the Rider 19 is to neutral. It offers a very stable, comfortable ride for daily training and high mileage. Start here if you are new to Mizuno and look for a new kind of stability and support.
Mizuno Trail Running Shoes
Mizuno Hayate - The Wave Hayate provides a firm, responsive ride. Its lightweight frame makes it a good option for runners looking for a fast racing shoe for the trails.
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