Sports enthusiasts never want to take their eye off the ball. Concentration is key and that means having the right equipment. Stay ahead of the game by keeping your sporting focus with a pair of EYELEVEL sunglasses.

Sunglasses provide vital protective eyewear and EYELEVEL products offer invaluable assistance to face that sporting challenge. Whether fishing, golfing, climbing, biking, shooting or enjoying snow sports you'll feel safe and comfortable.

You'll also look the part, giving that all-important confidence to achieve peak performance. Our essential range of products is extensive. So too is our knowledge and experience to guarantee you choose sunglasses to suit your style.

All EYELEVEL polarized sunglasses, overglasses and clip-ons have genuine polarized lens which provide sharper vision in any light condition. This enhances visibility and reduces glare. In addition, they allow you to see below the surface of the water which is essential for fishing and sailing.

Polarized lenses are available in six different colours and offer the following benefits:

Brown - Absorbs bright sunlight to keep your eyes from tiring.

Grey - Provides a cooling effect on bright sunny days.

Sports Yellow - Brightens vision on an overcast day.

Amber - Absorbs blue light, providing strong contrast enhancement.

Green - Excels in a variety of light conditions maintaining true colour balance.

Copper - Outstanding for driving, improves contrast.

It is widely recognised that polarized sunglasses provide great benefits both for outdoor sports enthusiasts and wearers for general use.

Technical data:

EYELEVEL Sunglasses conform to European standard EN ISO 12312-1:2013 and American standard ANSI Z80.3.

EYELEVEL Sunglasses provide comfort in very bright conditions due to our UV400 break resistant lenses which offer maximum protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

The world looks much better through EYELEVEL Sunglasses!
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