It is NOT a secret that visible root regrowth between salon appointments can stifle the brightest disposition, ruin an entire outfit and leave the most put together fashionista feeling unpolished and dull.

Yes, there are the cool few, who can rock the ombre effect but sadly it’s not a trend most of us can get behind. Anyone who has coloured their tresses will know the re-curing pattern with regrowth. It seems to happen overnight. For days there is no noticeable worrisome evidence and the next day the roots are like a neon light. What follows is the agonising wait for the next visit to the trusted colourist. Unless your hairdresser is on speed dial (and most are) and available to you 24/7 (most aren’t) you could test your artistic hand at root mascaras, powders and products that claim to perform the much needed miracle.  I’ve tried and failed.  My stubborn parting doesn’t respond to change, so I inevitably cancel all social engagements and wallow in silent despair.

No more.  As a self-confessed “product” junkie I am on a permanent quest to find new and effective solutions that don’t break the bank.  Style Secret is my new best thing and it delivers on its promises.

“Style Secret is an easy-to-use spray effectively covers up the regrowth, keeping your hair looking and feeling great.”

Whether you want to save a bit of money by spacing out your salon visits or need a reliable, quick fix between appointments, or simply want to hide the tell-tale greying halo, this is the answer. 

Wishing you all a fabulous hair day!

Browse here to find the perfect match for your base natural colour.

by Sandy Wharton-Hood our in-house stylist, brand developer and self-confessed product “junkie”


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