So you’ve just discovered running, but you can’t bring yourself to buy a pair of old man’s poly shorts and the thought of sweating off your mascara is enough to keep you trawling the mall.

Thankfully times have changed and technology advanced, keeping all you style conscious fitness junkies top of mind. Fitness is, after all, not only about feeling good it’s about looking good too! CommanderHQ, an online sporting goods and apparel store, knows a thing or two about style and fitness enhancing and figure hugging gym gear that’s on trend. They share a few tips that all style conscious runners should pay attention to.

Make-up and hair

Do: It’s okay to wear make-up, it’s probably a good idea after all we all want to look good in race photos. But heavy makeup that require touch ups in the side mirrors of parked cars means you’ve gone a little too far. And always opt for waterproof and SPF options.

Don’t: run with your hair down, no matter how long you spent straightening it or how wonderful it feels having it freely bouncing around. The second you start sweating it will lose its shape. Rather bun it up, or fasten it in a pony. There is also nothing worse than having someone’s long hair clinging to your sweaty arm. It certainly won’t make you friends anytime soon.

Sunglasses and hats

Do: a hat is an essential item you need while running. There are so many ultra-cool brands on the market you needn’t worry about being on trend. Just choose fabrics that are light and breathable that don’t show up the dirt and can dry quickly.

Don’t: wear your Prada’s rather save those for cocktails with the girls. Make a statement on the trail or road by investing in running sunglasses that is lightweight with a comfortable, secure fit. There are plenty of stylish brands to choose from. Remember, without sunnies you’ll be scrunching up your face a lot more causing wrinkles you don’t want.

Gadgets and technology

Big ear phones are all the rage right now. But this trend keeps shifting. The best here is to go with what you enjoy running with. Be it your iPhone attached to your arm with small earphones, or your iPod hidden away under your clothes with big oversized earphones. Just don’t carry your boom box in your hand. It’s not the 80’s anymore.

Shorts and leggings

Don’t: wear shorts over leggings. It’s just not cool. If you don’t want people looking at your butt while you’re running rather opt for just shorts, or even tie your sweater around your waist. Also, don’t wear shorts that are too long or too short. Find a middle ground.

Do: wear leggings that suit your body shape. Also make sure the quality is good, there is nothing worse than leggings that are transparent. Not everyone wants to see what's to see your underwear.  

Matchy Match

Do: mix it up, there are so many colours, and patterns to choose from, you can go wild. Just dress according to your age and figure. Remember stripes can make you look bigger where as black hides everything well and can make you look slimmer.

Don’t: colour co-ordinate you entire running outfit. The shoes don’t have to match the shirt.

Shoes and Socks

Do: invest in a pair of running shoes that is meant for your foot. Many of us choose a shoe because of the colour but we need to pay attention to the shape of our foot. Do we need more support, are we pronate? Thankfully the CommanderHQ’s Mizuno range of running shoes has many colours to choose from, it’ll be easy to find something you like.

Don’t: wear your socks rolled down, in fact, don’t let your sock show at all. It distracts from the shoe (the hero of your outfit).


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