Its holidays and you’re far away from the gym. It might sound like it, but it’s no excuse not to fit in some exercise while on holiday! Adventure Boot Camp shares these tips how to stay healthy without missing out on any of the holiday action.


Stationary cardio

Use your holiday location creatively and involve the kids by finding steps or hills which you can use for hill sprints and step-ups and stair climbing. Jumping jacks can be done in hotel rooms if you want to crank it up. The kids will love this type of activity.


Go for a swim

Do laps in the hotel pool, while the kids potter around in the shallow end. Consider choosing your destination based on what the hotels have to offer, some resorts offer yoga classes on the beach, volleyball games, have on-site gyms or other nearby facilities like golf and hiking routes which are great for cross-training. Make sure they have baby-sitters or kid’s holiday programmes to give you a break.

Try something different

Use your holiday time to try something different and get out of a fitness rut. Try to enjoy the outdoors and keep it social if you can – include friends and family with team games like soccer or cricket.

Build sandcastles

Digging is hard work! Remember that if you train outdoors in the summer, you need to hydrate well, wear a hat and plaster on the sunscreen. Try not to train in the hottest part of the day. And of course, make sure it’s fun.

There is no excuse not to exercise while you’re on holiday! So get out there, get active and enjoy your holiday guilt free. And whilst you’re at it, look good on the beach and in the pool with cross training and swimming apparel and gear for the whole family, at up to 50% off for our members.

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Exercise on Holiday

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