What you wear to yoga is as important as the workout itself. Far too many mishaps happen because of badly assembled yoga outfits. The simplest advice is to make sure it fits tightly.

Bev Slauck is the resident yoga expert at Commander HQ, an online active wear store that also stocks the trendy Ali August printed leggings. In her own yoga studio, Bev has seen it all. She shares some of her most cringe-worthy moments as a yoga instructor.

Commander style and baggy pants – a sight for sore eyes

There are many men who enjoy the freedom of no underwear, but in a yoga class? It’s definitely not recommended if you’re planning to squat and balance on your haunches, knees pointing out in the Garland pose or attempting the Crow pose which requires you to balance your elbows onto your knees with your buttocks pointing back and up.

G-strings, bikini tops and baggy t-shirts - not flattering

These are three of the worst things any women can wear to yoga. The way your body moves between poses will not only change the position of your clothing but cause a lot of discomfort throughout your practice if you’re wearing the incorrect outfit. From wedges, runaway breasts and muffin tops you’ll wish you wore something else.

Not all black leggings are created equal

Fitted, long black yoga pants are the little black dress of the fitness world. But not all black leggings are the same. When stretched, some reveal more than you may want them to. The trick is to buy before you try and do the mirror test. Get down on all fours and check in the mirror to see that nothing is showing. Another tip is to choose leggings made from nylon and spandex. This helps with the density of the fabric. If it’s breathable and provides wicking you’re guaranteed it won’t leave any sweat marks either.

Purple hair-dye mixed with sweat – equals a big mess

Yes, people who do yoga tend to enjoy dying their hair unusual colours. Yoga means you sweat, but imagine recently dyed purple hair in a hot yoga studio? The beauty of yoga is being able to relax while your body works hard. If you can neutralise your surroundings, starting with your own body and personal space, eliminating any annoyances that will distract you from your yoga workout will ensure you get the most out of your practice.

Not all perfume masks bad body odour

Perfume is lovely, but when you’re breathing deeply using the Ujjayi breathing technique, the scent can be overwhelming and terribly suffocating. Many people worry about their body odour, especially if they tend to sweat a lot, but choosing to mask it with perfume isn’t the best solution. A scent free deodorant can better do the trick.

This is yoga, not Kamasutra

Too many couples join the class and end up literally sitting on top of each other. While yoga is a sensual workout, it isn’t the place for kissing and groping, leave that for the bedroom. Yoga is however a really great way to connect with your significant other. By giving yourself and each other the time to connect with your own body, mind and spirit, together it can restore calm to a relationship and provide the space to rest and breathe. “Hmmm!”

Commander HQ is the go-to online store for essential yoga fashion and other sporting and lifestyle apparel. Their range of black and printed leggings is ideal for any yoga workout. Of all the things that can go wrong in a yoga class, what you wear shouldn’t be one of them. The secret to the ultimate yoga experience is to eliminate all external hindrances like noise, bright light, uncomfortable clothing and accessories, and most importantly technology.



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