Ali August Pineapple Express Pattern Leggings

R541.00 R895.00

Designed with the active female in mind;ξtransition through your day in style and comfort while looking fabulous in theseξexcellent quality leggings. Limited quantities of these vibrant once-off prints are available so be sure to grab your pair today - you will not see these prints again!

7 Reasons why these leggings are for YOU!

  • The fabric goes through a rigorous quality tests and offerŒæexcellent elasticityŒæand compression combined with comfort. The fabric isŒænot transparentŒæand won't reveal more than you intend to!
  • The waistband sits just above the hips and willŒænot slide down; it can also be folded over.
  • Seams are allŒæreinforcedŒæand made with specialised machinery.
  • WithŒæincredible stretchŒæ(stretching up to 7x it's original size), this extremely luxuriousŒæfabric is soft to the touch and super comfortable to wear throughout the day.
  • All leggings offerŒæUVA / UVB 50+ protection
  • TheyŒæwillŒænot lose shape, stretch or fade and will FAR outlast all your other leggings. So make sure you choose a print you love because you will be wearing them for years to come.
  • Fabric made in Brazil.

The Ali August range is designed to mould to oneäó»s body allowing seamless transition from studio wear to street wear.Œæ The range doesnäó»t allow for unflattering low rises, constricting waistbands or thick seams which have the tendency to snag. The fabric is lightweight and breathable whilst comfortably hugging each curve making you feel fabulous and ultra-confident.

Whether you're hitting the gym, going to yoga or pilates, or simply running around doing errands - you will find it all in the Ali August range.ξ

Fabric composition:

  • This garment containsŒæLYCRAŒ¬Œæfiber, engineered to provide exceptional recovery power, fit and freedom of movement.
  • 90% Polyamide, 10% Spandex.

*Please note that while the same pattern is used, your leggings may differ slightly from the one in the picture

Available inξ- Multi colour


Size Chart

Ali August size chart


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