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BVTS Extreme Tennis

BVTS Extreme Tennis

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If you’re looking for a different, fun and social way to get that heart rate up, build up a sweat and perhaps learn a new skill, you are gonna love Extreme Tennis.

Bridget Visee of BVTS Tennis School at The WPCC in Rondebosch has combined her lifelong passion for the game, experience and coaching skills with aerobic elements to offer a full body, cardio, core, high energy, no-skills necessary fun filled workout on the tennis court. Add to this a magnificent backdrop and blood pumping music and it’s the perfect beginning to your day.

You will need court shoes, a working racquet and sense of fun.

Lessons are available Mondays and Fridays from 08h30 – 09h30 at BVTS Courts at WPCC and run through the winter season.

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