Flyboy XL - For more rugged terrain

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The Flyboy uses only phosphate based Samsung Lithium-Ion batteries charged with a special adapter from a 220V wall plug. Charging can reach 80% capacity in 40 minutes and full charge most often takes less than two hours. On smooth flat ground (like in a shopping centre) the Flyboy will last for between two to five hours and will likely cover a distance of 15 to 20 kilometers.

In outdoor use with rougher terrain this time and distance will be greatly reduced. Other factors that play a notable role in battery life include the weight of the rider, the incline, ambient temperature and the temperature of the battery itself. A battery that is not abused should last for about 1000 recharges before needing replacement.

Because of its size it is not a problem to carry onto a taxi, bus or train. Since its recent launch the popularity has grown and it is now also being used by security guards, for stock picking in warehouses, by managers in large factories, in hospitals, at airports and of course socially by ordinary people wanting to just have some outdoor fun.

Reasons for buying a Flyboy vs a generic hoverboard:

Local 1 year guarantee on product, 6 months on batteries (underwritten by the manufacturers)

Local availability of spare parts & accessories

Genuine product (not a generic copy with a third rate battery)

CE certified product, ISO 9001 certification

Silent, powerful, no pollution

Rugged and durable

Please Note: The Bluetooth module is a gimmick and is provided as a free add-on with some models. It is not supported and is not covered by the guarantee.

Available in -ξGraffiti, Carbon Fibre, Black Lighting or Flames theme.ξColours are subject to availability at time of ordering.

Flyboy XL Specification: