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Mistral Java Inflatable 9'6 - Tribe Board

R 13,700.00

Non Members price R 16,000.00

Our Tribe boards make the first time SUP experience as good as it could possibly be.

We’ve pulled the nose in tight to make upwind paddling smoother and the board more streamlined from the paddler’s perspective. A wide tail adds huge gains in stability.

Entry level boards require certain design features in order to provide the best possible, first time learner experience. There is an obsession to want to create overly wide boards, which are simple elliptical shapes which lack character and any real functionality, accept stability.

Product Features:

Leash plug

Nose D-ring (underside)

Tail D-Ring

Nose grab handle

Centre carry handle

Slide in fin

Push pin securement

Bow cargo net

Super stable

Wave piercing bow shape


31” standard width

6” board thickness

Brushed and Diamond EVA

Product Specifications:

Metric 289.5cm x 78.74cm x 15.24cm

Optimum body mass <75kg

Maximum body mass <90kg

Imperial 9’6 x 31” x 6”

Optimum body mass <165lbs

Maximum body mass <198lbs