NutriBullet 22 Piece Original Babybullet

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Everything you need to make the most nutrient-rich, freshest food for your baby

The Original Baby Bullet Complete Baby Care System is a 22 piece set that helps you make healthy, delicious, all-natural baby food that is perfect for every stage of development. Turn family dinner into baby's dinner, make an entire week worth of healthy all-natural baby less than 5 minutes! Includes date-dial storage cups that are refrigerator and freezer friendly. Non-toxic plastic - BPAξ

All of the Baby Bullet cups and containers are made out of non-toxic high-impact plastic. Unlike glass, they do not shatter when dropped. They do not contain any BPA (Bisphenol A) or Phthalates.

What do you get:

  • The Batchbowl

Mix large portions of baby food.

  • Power Base Œæ Œæ Œæ ŒæŒæ

The Power Base is the heart of the Baby Bullet system. Simply place either the Batchbowl or one of the Short Cups on to the High-Torque Power Base, press down and twist! It couldn't be easier!

  • Date-Dial Cups x6

Store your food in these adorable cups so you know exactly how fresh your food is!

  • Short Cups x2

Make smaller portions in the Short Cup - which is perfect for turning family dinner into baby's dinner in just seconds.

  • Stay-Fresh Lids x6

Keep your baby food fresh for storage or travel.

  • Blend Blade

Purí©e foods to the perfect consistency every time! From the thinnest first meal to thick textured advanced foods - the blend blade has you covered for any stage eater.

  • Milling Blade

Turn rice into rice flour or make your own brown rice cereal with the Baby Bullet Milling Blade.

  • Baby Bullet Healthy Baby Nutrition Guide

Over 200 pages of everything you need to know to feed your baby the healthiest foods for optimum development.

  • User Manual

Easy-to-follow instructions and helpful techniques on how to make the most nutritious, perfectly textured foods for each stage of development. The User Manual also includes a handy Food Journal for tracking favourites and any reactions to foods.

  • The Pocket Nutritionist

This amazingly informative guide will help you navigate the grocery store aisles to find exactly the right foods for your baby - at any stage of development!

  • Which foods should be organic
  • How to choose a well-rounded weekly menu
  • How to select the freshest produce
  • Exactly how much produce to buy to meet your baby's needs
  • The health benefits associated with the foods your baby eats
  • And more!
  • This pocket-sized guide saves you time and money - every time you shop! Never leave home without it!