NutriBullet 8 Piece Blender Original 600W - Pink

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A brand-new, innovative way to enjoy all your favourite fruits and veggies äóñ the NutriBullet isnäó»t a blender or a juicer, but a sophisticated food extractor. The NutriBullet extractor uses a cyclonic action to break foods down into their most easily digestible and absorbable state; this nutrient extraction helps your body get the best possible nutrition with every serving. Use your NutriBullet to make a huge variety of delicious and nourishing äóìNutriBlastäó? drink recipes, as well as soups, dressings, desserts and dips. Plus the specialised milling blade makes fresh flours and nut butter in minutes.

Product Details:

  • Motor:Œæ220-240v 600w
  • Capacity:ŒæTall cup = 710ml, short cupŒæ= 532mlŒæ
  • Materials:ŒæStainless steel blades, non-toxic BPA-free plastic cups
  • Warranty:Œæ1 year

Parts included in your 8 piecesξNutriBullet system:

  • Extractor blade:ŒæA unique stainless steel blade design that uses cyclonic action to break through tough stems & hard seeds.
  • Powerbase:ŒæThe äóìheartäó? of the NutriBullet system, a powerful 600W high torque power base.
  • 710ml tall cup:ŒæExtra-large NutriBlast cup, made with BPA-free, phthalate-free plastic.
  • 532ml short cup:ŒæThis smaller cup is perfect for making a single-serving NutriBlast. Includes a handled comfort lip ring, so you can extract & drink straight away!
  • Comfort lip ring:ŒæSo you can extract & drink right away.
  • äóìStay Freshäó? lid:ŒæNo need for plastic wrap äóñ these resealable lids keep your NutriBlast delicious & spill-free on the go.Œæ
  • User guide & recipe book:ŒæPacked with delicious, wholesome NutriBlast recipes, plus the NutriBullet 6-Week Transformation Plan.
  • Pocket Nutritionist:ŒæPlenty of advice on how to select the freshest organic produce & plan a balanced weekly menu.

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