Shakti Shanti Yogawear - Leggings Regular Length (Black)

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Enjoy a clear mind and the ability to focus on the present moment in complete comfort thanks to leggings that actually stay in place while you wear them - no need to fiddle and faff!

These leggings are one of Shakti Shanti's signature designs in a lighter Poliamide Elastane Fabric, imported from Brazil and perfect for hot yoga and yoga in warmer climates.

Shakti Shanti leggings are suitable to wear to all yoga styles and definitely not limited to the studio, dress them up as you please - ready for any occasion!

Available in Extra Length, have a look over here

7 Facts we love about Shakti Shanti Yogawear!

  • Made in South Africa

  • Durability and high quality

  • Super Luxurious Feel

  • Does not Pill

  • Does not Knee (due to high spandex content)

  • Ethically  & Environmentally Friendly


Fabric composition:

  • Made From 90% Cotton (sustainable) and 10% Spandex (stretch yarn)

Available in -  Black or Geometric Print


Size Chart:

  • Regular in-seam length Size 32: 60cm/23.5 inch
  • Regular in-seam length Size 34: 61cm/24 inch
  • Regular in-seam length Size 36: 62cm/24.5 inch
  • Regular in-seam length Size 38: 63cm/25 inch


Yoga Styles: 

ALL .... Iyengar, Bikram, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Sivananda, Pre Natal, Hatha 


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