SolRx Junior Waterblock Sunscreen SPF50 60ml

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This light and non-greasy Kiddies sunscreen is water based, paraben free and will protect your child against UVA and UVB rays.ξSolRx Junior will not sweat or wash off into the little one's eyes and it is rated Zero Irritaion in the FDA test.ξ

Solrx has been proven time and time again to stand out above the rest.Theξsunscreen covers exceptionally with the minimal amount applied and lasts at least 8 hours in and out of the water - perfect for school, just apply in the morning and they are set for the day!ξ

8 Reasons why you should make SolRx your preferred sunscreen:

  1. Titanium Free:ξAll of our sunscreens are Titanium Free which, in some instances, have been known to be absorbed into the body through the skin.
  2. Free of Nano-Particles:ξNano-Particles has been known to enter the body through your skin. (Nano-Particles are 1 billionth of something)
  3. No Petrolatums or Mineral Oils:ξThese have been known to dry out your skin.
  5. Oil Free: Water or Aloe Based, Non-Greasy Light Lotions that go on clear.
  6. Unscented:ξNon-Irritating to the skin. (Tested by AMA Laboratories, NY)
  7. Make-up can go over our products:ξAnd it does NOT sweat into eyes.
  8. NO Animal Testing

SolRxŒ¬ Sunscreen Products Characteristics:

  • 8-hour waterproof
  • Water-based or organic aloe-based
  • Non-greasy, oil-free light lotions that go on clear
  • 100% PABA free, with no PABA derivatives
  • Animal free with no animal testing
  • Padimate-o free
  • Non-irritating to the skin

SolRx maintains its unique waterblockŒ¬ system making it a once off application proven and tested sunscreen, that goes on and stays on. Offering the same UVA and UVB protectionäó_ Itäó»s not how high you make it but how long you make it high


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